The Talk of Citrus County
Jon kay Morning Show 6:AM-9AM
Jon Kay takes you to work in the morning, with funny stories and featuring chicken man at the bottom of the hour.  With traffic and weather together!
Big Jon Drive Home 4PM-6PM
Everyone likes a good laugh, and in general people like funny people who aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves every now and then. I learned along time ago that the road to success is always under construction. So as a young man I got into radio at the age of 19 to play music and meet girls... I still play music, I haven't met any girls. People ask me " Big Jon " what would you do if you were not on the radio?, I think I would be a dish washer at a nursing home, or maybe talk down those people that stand on tall buildings contemplating jumping... the qualifications are about the same. :) 
8:00AM - 9:00AM
Ask an Attorney
Attorney Joseph F. Pippen is a noted speaker and lecturer on motivational and personal dynamic subjects as well as management and legal topics. He provides weekly seminars whom anyone can attend for no cost. His weekly column, "Ask an Attorney,” appeared in several local newspapers, and he has hosted a continuous weekly radio call-in show entitled Ask an Attorney since 1985. Email: [email protected]
9:00AM - 10:00AM
Planning for a better and safe retirement
In 1992, Francois created American Insurance Advisors with the goal of educating his clients. He shares a vision for a guaranteed future, free of uncertainties or stress, largely eliminating unnecessary losses that can drastically impair someone’s retirement.  Our approach to helping you achieve your retirement goals is very personal, and each client is treated as a member of our big family. Join Francois and his son Julian for Planning for a Better and safer retirement .